8th Prague school on flow cytometry

The flyer and programme of this interactive course on advanced applications in hematology-oncology and imunology are now available for download at the Eduction page.

ESCCA Virtual Conference: Post-conference webinar by Cytognos

Dissecting the heterogeneity of Common Variable Immunodeficiencies

Speakers: Martín Pérez Andrés, PhD. Professor of immunology, University of Salamanca.
The webinar will be hold in English and Spanish and feature 15 min live Q&A.

Key learning points:

  • Flow cytometry methods for deep immune profiling.
  • B-cell and T-cell defects in CVID patients.
  • Correlation of the immune phenotype with the clinical manifestations of CVID.

English Session

Wednesday, 29 September, 2021 at 17:00 CEST (45 min)

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Tuesday, 28 September, 2021 at 17:00 CEST (45 min)

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Any question about this webinar, please contact Cytognos directly: info@cytognos.com 

ESCCA Virtual Conference: Post-conference webinar by BD

Title: The value of automating flow cytometry reagent cocktailing
Date: Monday, 27 September, 2021 at 17:00 CET (60 mins)
By Lori Apoll, Clinical Sales Consultant , BD.
Hosted by Kate Easten, Clinical Product Manager, BD, the webinar will feature a live Q&A with Dr. Tim Farren, Head of Immunophenotyping at Barts Health NHS Trust, London, UK, who will share his experience.

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Australasian Cytometry Society: ACS 2021 Roadshow

The ACS runs educational Roadshows each year. ACS Roadshows provide an intensive one day course on important subjects  in cytometry, presented by international and local speakers. The 2021 ACS Roadshow takes place virtually on 10 August. Participation is free. For more information and to register, see https://cytometry.org.au/upcoming-events/srl-roadshow/


During the Covid-19 outbreak many meetings have either been cancelled or postponed and the need for educational content is greater than ever. Also the ESCCA Conference in Vilnius, initially scheduled in September 2020, had to be postponed to April 2021.

Therefore, ESCCA has made some of the educational presentations of the 2019 Conference in Bergen publicly available. These can be downloaded in the Education section/ESCCA publications.

CCEN offers a link to some of the Educational Resources  made available for free access by ICCS.
Access via https://www.cytoed.org//web/index.php under the E-learning tab and "what's new".  

The Latest News from the Journal Cytometry Part A

The Latest News from the Journal Cytometry Part A

Cytometry Part A

The journal of quantitative single-cell analysis, features original research reports and reviews of innovative scientific studies employing quantitative single-cell measurement, separation, manipulation, and modeling techniques, as well as original articles on mechanisms of molecular and cellular functions obtained by cytometry techniques. Read more here.

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ESCCA Honorary membership

Dr. Jan Willem Gratama is the first to be awarded the ESCCA honorary membership for his participation in foundation of ESCCA and his continued support for its development, as well as for his great contribution to the field of clinical cell analysis. At the Valencia Conference 2018, new awarded ESCCA honorary members were Katherina Psarra, Enrique Jose O'Connor and Stefano Papa for their participation in the foundation of ESCCA and their continued support for its development.

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The Latest News from the Journal Cytometry Part B

The Latest News from the Journal Cytometry Part B

Cytometry Part B

Clinical Cytometry features original research reports, in-depth reviews and special issues that directly relate to and palpably impact clinical flow, mass and image-based cytometry. These may include clinical and translational investigations important in the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic management of patients. Read more here.

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