ESCCA Members

Membership of the Society is open to all individuals who are active in the same field in which the Association is active or who have a professional interest in the work carried out by the Association. 


ESCCA Executive Board

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ESCCA Auditors 

* Ricardo Morilla (UK)

* Enrique O'Connor (Spain)

ESCCA Auditors (2-year mandate) have the duty to double-check the financial reports prepared by the Treasurer and the financial office. They independently guarantee the ESCCA finances on behalf of all members.


Committees and Working Groups

Committees and Working groups, which must be composed of ESCCA members, work on specific matters. The chairman of a committee has to be an Executive Board member. Individual members are chosen either for their experience or their enthusiasm to contribute, so if you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the ESCCA Secretary at

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ESCCA Membership Office

Manages membership matters for ESCCA including applications, subscriptions and membership enquiries

For all inquiries please contact the ESCCA Membership Office


ESCCA Conference Coordinator

  • Is in charge of the planning and organisation of the ESCCA annual Conference
  • Acts as a consultant in all matters related to bids for hosting future
    meetings and carries out site inspections

For all inquiries regarding the annual ESCCA Conference please contact:
Babette Schmidt 
Your Conference Support
Telephone: +31 20 644 07 16