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Chair: Iuri Marinov (Czech Republic)
Co-chair: Enrique O'Oconnor (Spain)

The primary goal of the ESCCA committee for education, certification and quality assessment is to warranty the spread of cutting-edge knowledge on basic, applied and clinical flow cytometry via various education activities (ESCCA schools), to contribute to external quality assessment via the ESCCA Interlaboratory Comparison Program (EILCP) and to provide adequate certification for cytometry operators and cytometry specialists via newly concepted virtual ESCCA certification examinations.

Outreach & Communication

Chair: Evi Gounari (Greece)
Co-Chair: Francesco Buccisano (Italy)
Member: Florian Kern (UK)

The Outreach & Communication Committee is primarily focused on disseminating the vision and the activity of ESCCA to members and to affiliated societies. To this aim, this new committee encompasses now all the activities linked to Website, Newsletter and Social media management.

A key purpose of this committee is to alert ESCCA members and, through the affiliated societies, highlight the educational content present on websites, disseminate information on upcoming meetings and recommend social media platforms to report on meeting highlights in real time.

The Outreach & Communication Committee works closely with the Education, Certification & Quality Assessment and the Standardization, Harmonization and Guidelines committees.

Standardization, Harmonization and Guidelines

Chair:  Ulrika Johansson (UK)
Co-chair: Juan Flores-Montero (Spain)

The standardization, harmonization and guidelines committee aims to favor interactions, activities and documents to support the community to successfully attain the highest quality of reproducible results, both for basic and advanced clinical and research applications, by pointing to available sources of the latest efforts in the field and promoting actions to generate / update proposal for yet problematic aspects in flow cytometry.