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Exhibition area

All coffee breaks and lunches will be held in the exhibition area, with multiple catering service buffets to ensure that delegates are spread throughout this area. The poster boards will also be placed in the Exhibition Hall.

Confirmed sponsors will receive the exhibition floor plan and the invitation to select their booth space in the order of confirmation of the sponsorship.

Exhibition manual

The Exhibition Manual will be sent automatically to confirmed sponsors. It contains important information, such as:

  • important deadlines
  • build-up and break-down schedule, show hours
  • shipments, deliveries, freight forwarding
  • details shell scheme
  • instructions for customised booths (main sponsors)
  • copy to be submitted for the congress app
  • registration information

Freight forwarder

The  Palma Convention Centre is not allowed to arrange any customs clearance operations and does not provide loading and warehousing services.

All shipments should be delivered through the local freight forwarding company, RESA EXPO LOGISTICS. They offer the following services:

  • Advanced Warehouse Service & Delivery to Stand
  • Material Handling
  • Customs Broker (all non-EU shipments need a Spanish importer of the record)
  • Return Shipments
  • National / International Transports
  • Other service related to event logistics

Note that non-EU shipments need an importer of the record and cannot be consigned directly to the Convention Centre, as they will get stuck at customs. Also, the import of medical equipment and products from non-EU countries into Spain is restricted. Please consult RESA EXPO LOGISTICS in time before shipping for the possible restrictions and options for import, in order to avoid that shipments get stuck at customs.

Pleae contact:

Tel.: +34 93 233 4110

Contact: Raquel Barreiro & Xavier Magdaleno

Shipping label

The use of the ESCCA shipping labels on EACH package/box is mandatory. To download, click here.