Exhibition area

More information will follow soon.

All coffee breaks and lunches will be held in the exhibition area, with multiple catering service buffets to ensure that delegates are spread throughout this area. The poster boards will also be placed in the Exhibition Hall.

Exhibition manual

The Exhibition Manual will be sent automatically to confirmed sponsors. It contains important information, such as:

  • important deadlines
  • build-up and break-down schedule, show hours
  • shipments, deliveries, freight forwarding
  • details shell scheme
  • instructions for customised booths (main sponsors)
  • copy to be submitted for the congress app

Freight forwarder

The Jaarbeurs is not allowed to arrange any customs clearance operations and does not provide loading and warehousing services.

If you need a local freight forwarder, you can contact Todays Logistics. Contact details will follow.

Todays Logistics can offer the following services:

  • Warehousing of goods prior to the Congress
  • Temporary import customs clearance for NON EU goods, promotional materials for permanent import
  • Delivery of goods to the Jaarbeurs directly to the stand at indicated time
  • Handling of the empties
  • Pick-up of the goods after the event from the Jaarbeurs, warehousing
  • Export customs clearance for NON EU goods
  • Worldwide return transport, if any
  • Weekend, evening and night local handling services, special requests


The storage capacity at the Jaarbeurs is limited to the equivalent of 2 moving boxes per exhibitor, each measuring no more than 48 x 32 x 36 cm. Larger shipments should be sent via Todays Logistics.

Please note: 

  • Neither the Jaarbeurs nor the Organisers can offer customs clearance.
  • Please note that the Jaarbeurs can only accept deliveries from Monday 25 September.

The use of the ESCCA shipping labels on EACH package/box is mandatory. This label will be available for downloading here in the course of 2023.

ESCCA is grateful for its main 2023 Conference sponsors
Sponsor Beckman Coulter
Sysmex sponsor


European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis (ESCCA)
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Correspondence to

Juan Flores Montero, ESCCA Secretary
via support@yourconferencesupport.com

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