Sunday 24 September 10.15-11.00 hrs. - Crystal Hall:

  • Key Advances in PNH (paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria) testing


  • Mrs Andrea Illingworth (Dahl Chase diagnostics services, Bangor, US
  • Dr Rob Sutherland  (University Health Network, Toronto, Canada)


  • To educate cytometrists on the diagnostic of PNH and clinical indications that warrant testing
  • To discuss latest advances related to diagnosis of PNH by flow cytometry, including  existing guidelines for diagnosis and monitoring of PNH by flow cytometry


10.15-10.20   Welcome & Introduction - D. Sutherland
10.20-10.35   Clinical indications warranting testing for PNH, Reagents and Instrument optimization - D. Sutherland
10.35-10.50   PNH diagnosis, assay validation, data interpretation and reporting - A. Illingworth
10.50-11.00   Q&A

Beckman Coulter 

Sunday 24 September 18.00 hrs. - Exhibition Hall stand PR1:

  • Booth reception and lecture
    Leo Koenderman:
    Applications in the AQUIOS Designer Software on AQUIOS allow 24/7 immune monitoring in trauma patients

Monday 25 September 12.30-13.15 hrs. - Crystal Hall: 

  • ESCCA Scientific Industrial Partner Presentation 
    Katherina Psarra and Michael Kapinsky: 
    ClearLLab LS: A new CE-IVD orientation tube to guide you through diagnosis of hematolymphoid malignancies

Monday 25 & Tuesday 26 September - V.I.P. Lounge: 

  • Meet the Expert Sessions
    For an overview of the time slots and to reserve your slot, please click the link mentioned in the activities programme


BD Biosciences

Tuesday 26 September 16.30-17.00 hrs. - Crystal Hall

  • ESCCA Scientific Industrial Partner Presentation 

More information will follow.


Sysmex Europe GmbH

Tuesday 26 September 10.15-11.00 hrs. - Crystal Hall:

  • ESCCA Scientific Industrial Partner Presentation

More information will follow.


Corporate Lectures

Sunday 24 September 13.00-13.30 hrs. - Crystal Hall: 

  • Cytognos: Infinicyt 2.0 NGF (next generation flow) - download abstract
    Mariona Ramos, Biochemistry Phd. Cytognos Product Specialist