Exhibition floor plan
The preliminary exhibition floor plan will be available by the end of May 2017. Confirmed sponsors will be contacted to select their booth space as soon as it is available. If you are interested in exhibiting, please ask for the Sponsor Brochure at info@globalconferencesupport.com
Exhibition Manual

The Exhibition Manual will be sent to confirmed exhibitors by the end of May. It contains important information, such as:

  • important deadlines
  • build-up and break-down schedule, show hours
  • shipments, deliveries, freight forwarding
  • details shell scheme
  • instructions for customised booths (main sponsors)
  • copy to be submitted for the Final Programme book
Additional stand materials - Equipment Catalogue / Order Forms

Exhibitors needing additional stand materials, furniture or equipment not included in the shell scheme, can place an order directly with Exposystem. The catalogue including order forms can be downloaded here. Exposystem also provides Event services.

Exposystem, Ms. Ioanna Georgiadou, email: georgiadou@exposystem.gr, tel: +30 2310 253166


Freight forwarding services

ORPHEE BEINOGLOU International Forwarders SA are located in Thessaloniki and frequently works with the Porto Palace Hotel. They provide transport services from all over the world by road/sea/air to Thessaloniki and their storage facilities are available just 10 minutes away from the Hotel.

ORPHEE BEINOGLOU, Mrs. Afroditi Gabale or Mr. Kostas Kolovos, email: agabale@beinoglou.gr / kkolovos@beinoglou.gr, tel: +30 2310 795511.


Audiovisual equipment

VDL audiovisual have been assigned to provide Audiovisual equipment and staff for the Conference. To order AV equipment for the stand, please contact Mr. Vidalis Errikos, email: info@vdl.gr, tel: + 30 2311 242335.