ESCCA Affiliated Societies

  1. They are listed in a separate column under Societies on the ESCCA website

The Affiliated Societies are highlighted in a special section of the ESSCA website with a hyperlink to improve traffic to the National Society.

  1. The members of ESCCA Affiliated Societies have the right to choose to pay combined membership fee for their national society and ESCCA. The regular membership fee for ESCCA is then reduced to 30€.

Members of Affiliated Societies can join ESCCA at a substantially reduced rate, currently €30 reduced from €50 for non-affiliated members.

  1. ESCCA certification examination can take place in the Country of the Affiliated Society perhaps connected to the national meeting under the supervision of an ESCCA board member.

An Affiliated Society is able to offer the ESCCA certification examination in their own country, for example during the national meeting with support of the ESCCA educational committee.

  1. There is a strong interaction between ESCCA and the Affiliated Societies regarding scientific matters, such as guidelines.

ESCCA will work closely with Affiliated Societies to reduce the burden on developing protocols and guidelines.  

  1. ESCCA could provide educational support to Affiliated Societies through teachers, educational material.

Affiliated Societies can access educational support from ESCCA in the form of course teachers, educational material or course program development.


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