Monday 25 September 18.30-23.00 hrs.: Greek Sunset Dinner Party 

This year we'll offer you something different! You really don’t want to miss this Greek Sunset Dinner Party in Shark Bar Restaurant.

This venue is considered to be one of the best lounge bar restaurants in Thessaloniki, located directly at the sea-side.Sophisticated yet relaxed, utterly delicious Mediterranean cuisine, great lounge music and breathtaking views on the sea and Thessaloniki,.

Enjoy your pre-dinner drink watching the sea and sunset, then taste delicious different Greek mezze-with-a-modern-twist served in central platters to share at your table and adding up to a full dinner. Watch some Greek dance demos, and, later on, join the dancers! Or just sit back and relax on the outdoor terrace, listening to the lounge music while sipping one of Shark's fabulous cocktails.

A perfect evening to enjoy with your colleagues and friends.

Pre-registration required via the on-line registration form. Fee: € 55.


Excursions on Saturday 23 September

Splendid Travel Centre offers three lovely excursions on Saturday: 

13.30-18.30 hrs. Vergina and Timios Prodromos monastery  - Fee: € 50 p.p. 

14.30-18.30 hrs. Ancient Pella -  Fee: € 40 p.p.

09.30-13.30 and 14.30-18.30 hrs Thessaloniki Welcome Tour - Fee: € 35 p.p.

All tours leave from and return to the Porto Palace Hotel.

The excursions should be booked directly with Splendid Travel. A reservation/credit card form can be found on the last page of each tour description. Please return this form to Splendid Travel - email is mentioned on the form.

If you have any questions about the tours, please contact Splendid Travel via the email address on the reservation form.