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Saturday 23 September: 

Sunday 24 - Wednesday 27 September:

Conference programme

To download the preliminary full Conference Programme, click here (updated per 5 September)

For the Programme at a Glance, click here.

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Education programmes

During the Conference 3 concurrent education programmes are scheduled on Sunday 24 and Monday 25 September. Please see the full programme for more details. Only 1 programme can be followed; pre-registration via the online registration form is compulsory.

A - Advanced Hemato-Oncology

The latest knowledge in the fields of acute leukemia, chronic lymphoproliferative disorders, plasma cell malignancies, chronic myeloid malignancies and myeloproliferative neoplasms, myelodysplastic syndromes, red cell disorders and PNH will be provided by 12 internationally renowned hematopathologists. Speakers will each offer a 30 minutes’ lecture detailing the key advances in their field of hemato-oncology that impact clinical cytometry. These sessions are suitable for experienced cytometrists with a good level of background knowledge.

B - Clinical Diagnostic Cytometry

The key clinical, scientific and technical issues in diagnostic cytometry will be reviewed by speakers with a focus on the practical approaches used in different expert centres. The programme will combine lectures with more interactive approaches including data analysis, Q&A and quizzes. These sessions are directed towards scientists and technicians wishing to gain a greater knowledge of the role of cytometry in diagnostics. Maximum number of participants is 80, divided over 2 groups (the same programme will be run twice in parallel sessions; teachers will rotate).

C - Advanced Immunology

An advanced approach to the immunophenotypic and functional characterization of immune cells will be illustrated, ranging from basic cell functions to miRNA detection, HLA typing and microvesicle measurement. The Advanced Immunology sessions are directed towards cytometrists with a good level of immunological background, who wish to update and expand their competencies in assays used in clinical and translational Immunology.


Poster overview

Please click here to download the overview of the posters.


Best Poster and Best Oral Abstract Presentations / Awards

The 6 best poster abstracts will be selected for a short oral presentation of 7 minutes in Plenary Session 6 on Tuesday 25 September (besides having a poster on display). 

On-site the Scientific Committee will select the best poster for the ESCCA Best Poster Award.

The 3 best oral abstracts will be selected for presentation in the Best Oral Presentations session on Wednesday 27 September. One of the presenters will be selected for the ESCCA Best Oral Award. 

The winners of the Best Poster & Best Oral Awards will be announced in the ESCCA Award Session on Wednesday morning and will be awarded with a free registration for the 2018 Conference.


Pre-conference Training Course - Saturday 23 September

Training course on Cytometry Analysis Tools   This course is fully booked

In this training course participants will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the latest open-source, freely available, solutions for standardized cytometry data management, integration and analysis.

Maximum 30 delegates.

Pre-registration required via the online registration form. Registration fee: € 60 when you attend the Conference; € 95 for delegates who only wish to take the course without attending the Conference.


14.00-16.00   Instructor: Iannis Drakos (Paris, FR)
  • A brief introduction in the Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS)
  • Quality control and quality assessment
  • Normalization
  • Data cleanup (removing low quality/corrupted events or samples)
16.00-16.30   Coffee break                                                                                                          
16.30-18.30   Instructor: Nicolas Derian (Paris, FR)
  • Cell population identification (gating)
  • Cell population annotation (labeling the gates)
  • Diagnosis


ESCCA European Cytometry Certification Examination

Candidates will be presented with some 100 multiple choice questions on a wide range of topics. At least 60% of the questions have to be answered correctly in order to pass the exam and receive the ESCCA Certificate.  

Location: Conference venue

Date and time: Saturday 23 September from 17.00-19.00 hrs.

Admission fee: € 100

Restricted to ESCCA members; maximum 30 places.

For more information and registration, please see the Membership section of the ESCCA website. On-line registration will be available there from 1 June.