Francesco Lo Coco 

With immense grief and disbelief we want to let you know about the sudden death of Francesco Lo Coco. We lost one of the greatest Italian researchers. In June 2018 he was awarded at the Congress of the European Society of Hematology in Stockholm with the prestigious "Jose Carreras Award", for studies that have changed the history of Acute Promielocytic Leukemia, which, thanks to his work, today is a disease that can be treated without chemotherapy. He was Professor of Hematology at Tor Vergata University in Rome, but he was much more as a person. Ironic, cultured, a citizen of the world, a proud father and a personal friend of many of us.

ESCCA Honorary Membership

Dr. Jan Willem Gratama is the first to be awarded the ESCCA honorary membership for his participation in foundation of ESCCA and his continued support for its development, as well as for his great contribution to the field of clinical cell analysis.

At Valencia Conference 2019, new awarded ESCCA honorary members were Katherina Psarra, Enrique Jose O'Connor and Stefano Papa for their participation in foundation of ESCCA and their continued support for its development.



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