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Abstract book

Download the Abstract Book, containing the abstracts of the plenary sessions, best abstract presentations and poster presentations. 

Presentations Pre-conference courses

The presentations of the Pre-conference courses held on Wednesday morning 21/9 will be sent directly to the registered participants. 

Training course 1: Measurable residual disease in MM: Planned to be sent out in the week of 14 November.

Training course 2: Validation and ISO accreditation of FCM assays: Planned to be sent out in the week of 14 November.

Training course 3: AML-MRD: Presentations have been emailed on 15/10. Please check your spam folder if you have not received it.

Presentations Educational sessions (PAR-sessions)

Non-members have access to this page until 5 January 2023 (extended deadline)

Not all presentations have been submitted yet. Last update was done on 12 December. Please continue to check this page for possible updates. 

Advances in hemato-oncological diseases

PAR01: New frontiers in MRD

PAR04: Innovative clinical applications

  • Sebastian Böttcher - CLL MRD
  • Cirino Botta - Using flow cytometry data to unravel disease outcome

PAR07: Tissue Flow Cytometry

PAR10: Immune monitoring in haematological malignancies 

PAR13: Multiomics and Artificial intelligence

Fundamentals in Clinical Flow

PAR02: Flow for Newbies - Intro to basics and pitfalls

PAR05: Lab do’s & don'ts

PAR08: A practical approach to IVDR

PAR 11: Validations in Cytometry

PAR14: On Data Integrity

  • Enrique O'Connor - Pre-Clinical Data Quality Presentation not available, data have not yet been published 
  • Jordi Petriz - Data interpretation

Antigen specific immunology in disease

PAR06: Immune System Ageing

PAR09: Trained immunity

  • Robin Choudhury - Hyperglycemia Induces Trained Immunity in Macrophages and Their Precursors and Promotes Atherosclerosis
  • Timo Rückert - Clonal expansion and epigenetic inheritance shape long-lasting NK cell memory

PAR12: Immunity in neurological disease

PAR15: Fringe Applications

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