ESCCA European Cytometry Certification Examination 

ESCCA is aware of the technical complexity and constant evolution of cytometry instrumentation and its applications, requiring continuous training and education. We also aim to help ESCCA members, and especially the young ones, to attain excellence in their work in cytometry, be it in the clinical or in the basic fields. In order to attest the level of excellence of cytometrists the ESCCA Education and Accreditation Committee has created the European Cytometry Certificate, which is now in course of implementation.

This European Cytometry Certificate will have two levels of certification: 

a) The European Certificate for Cytometry Operators

b) The European Certificate for Cytometry Specialists.

Candidates will be presented with some 100 multiple choice questions on a wide range of topics. At least 60% of the questions have to be answered correctly in order to pass the examination and receive the ESCCA Certificate. 

Conditions for exam application: ESCCA membership and 3 years of experience in the field.


European Certificate for Cytometry Operators

The next official examination for the European Certificate for Cytometry Operators will take place during the ESCCA Conference in Valencia. 

Date: Wednesday 12 September 2018

Time: 17.00-19.00 hrs.

Location: Valencia Conference Centre. See the Conference website for more details.

Admission fee: € 100. 

To prepare for the examination, please read the ESCCA Certificate Guidelines. This manual also includes suggestions for educational resources. 


To access the online registration form, click here

Please do not forget to submit proof of your practice as specified in the Guidelines. You can upload the attestation in the online registration form.


European Certificate for Cytometry Specialists

More information will follow at ESCCA 2018 in Valencia


Silvia Della Bella, MD, PhD

ESCCA Secretary