Harmonisation Group

Chair and Co-Chair: Andy Rawstron (Great Britain) and  Jan W. Gratama (The Netherlands)

Committee Members: formed from lead participants in individual projects

Aim: To identify relevant topics by survey of the members to determine the most pressing requirements for harmonisation and validation. 


Immunodeficiency Working Group

Chair: Ulrich Sack (Germany)

Committee Members: Beatrice Lambert (France) Gulderen Demirel (Turkey),Mohammad Ibrahim (), Claude Lambert (France), 

AimESCCA Working Group on Immunodeficiencies intends to strengthen research and clinical application of flow cytometry in Clinical Immunology. The target is to establish, to improve, and to harmonize approaches for immunodeficiency detection, monitoring, and treatment. To do so, WG-ID will

-analyze need for ID screening in clinical practice
-review panels, guidelines, and proposals as published
-co-operate with national and international (IFCC) scientific organizations
-interact with EQA providers
-propose optimized panels
-contribute to training and education
-publish papers in the field of clinical cytometry for immunodeficiencies
-contribute to the ESCCA web page